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Creations are the result of knowledge and talent. IT solutions are not different. The talent is intellegence, knowledge of technolgy, having an end users sense and the gift within to create solutions. When the right talent works with the right attitude of commitment, ownership and desire to grow, the result will be a best solution.

It is not always a well explained requirement document or a design document that contributes to a great solution. Great talents will never complain about situations or the weapons they use but with what ever they have, their gifted skills work on top of all the constrains and get the job done.

In the case of IT solutions, it is the idea and the willingness to try out is what matters rather than any technology or domain. Personally, I started my career with C++ and Open GL in an R&D organization without knowing a single bit of C++ or Open GL. I was committed to learn those technology, work with that and took the ownership in developing the solutions, the organization was looking for. I was very successful, and from there I started my journey of a C++ developer and never looked back. From a C++ developer perspective, any new technology that I encounter on my professional path are simple or rather easy. I have never faced any issues or the learning curve have never affected any projects I have taken up. It is not because, C++ is the superset of all but it is purely because, people who are shaped in tough situations, learnt the basics of programming with tough languages and determined to do anything can handle everything in IT space. We are a team of GIFTED, DETERMINED, COMMITTED and SINCERE professionals who belive in the POSSIBILITIES of other's impossibilities.

It is the attitude that finds the possibility of an impossible, not advanced science or technology.

YES, We have that right attitude to make anything and everything a possibililty.

Without the right passion for quality and perfection, no one can deliver the best product. The passion is not something which can be enforced on individuals. It is inborn, it is the love towards what they do, it is the self supervision on one's own work. Once a professional himself/herself become the strict supervisor of his/her own work and the quality of it, he/she can be called creative, passionate and committed professional.

At Techsoul Solutions, we ensure that, the team we have are passionate, the work we do have the best quality and we deliver it with the balanced cost. We are well experienced professionals to manage ourselves and supervise our own work. That helps us to reduce cost and extensive management effort to deliver quality solutions exceeding your expectations.

We are prolific and love to create IT solutions for you. We can take up your project whether it is too small or large. As long as you want a quality but economic solution, talk to us, we are there to help you achive the best solution. Even the latest technology is never a problem for us, as we think purely from the requirement space to use the best fit technology and then work on that. Again, we are consultants and thus we know how to create the best.

For your comfort of getting to know few technology areas we are experts, listed are few...

  • VC++, C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net, .Net Framework, Winform, WPF
  • C++, Embedded C++, Open GL, Sockets, Multi-Threading, TCP/IP, Network Protocols
  • Windows Servers, server setup and configuration, Web Services, WCF and IIS
  • Linux Servers, Server setup and configuration, Web hosting
  • PHP, Java, HTML4, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, JQuery
  • Content Management systems, Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress
  • Android, iOS, Win CE, Windows Mobile
  • ...and any other technology you name, we guarantee and deliver it with best quality solution.