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Busines is always aimed at high profit and growth. Building business and to satisfy its ever growing IT needs are not something all organizations can meet. The wide area of its requirements and to have proper IT solutions, involve lots of time, cost involving right people. All the more, the important aspect is involving the right people to think about the solutions. Business always have its requirements around multiple items and to have people available all the time around the business to think of once in while requirement is not a feasible solution. That is where consulting is important and vital for growing industries.

IT consultants are not those who can speak like sales persons but those who can speak through technological solutions referring to their experience in different levels of software solution development, business domains and technology stacks. Those who have already experienced all life cycle of software development, quickly understand impact around creating something new, changing something in existing system, impact of a technical decision in an organization, who can quickly but accurately visualize and work around the requirements to have a complete report of a business thought, have a feasible and balanced solution in mind which can be translated to a detailed documentation to easily shape into a design, then develop and deploy the solution to maintain and enhance it for long time independent of new technology stacks and changes that keep changing.

Given a business requirement, whether fresh or existing, a consultant should be able to purely think about the requirement as just a problem and give a plain English solution to meet those requirements which can slowly get transitioned into a the solution space considering different technology stacks and to later as a real solution using the best fit technology, with the balance of quality and cost. The moment one think around the technology for a given requirement, the real and ideal solution may get hammered. Requirement and technology is not something that can be mixed. The thought process around both should be separated and multi-threaded independently to converge into a best solution and then to a design where exactly the synchronization between requirement and technology will take place.

When we offer our service as consultant, we understand all that complexity and models and we know how good we are being consultants in assisting you to expand your business and help to make great savings and thus profit with our balanced IT solutions powered with solid experience and our offer of balance in quality and cost.

We are well experienced as a consultants for around 15 years working in different great consulting organizations. As consultants we have dealt with higher management, business stake holders, multiple domains, differnt kinds of software integrations, data exchange API integrations and requirements ranging from small scale to large complex requirements and finding solutions, taking care of designs, development and deployment using multiple technologies. With the extensive experience each of us have in consulting space, there is nothing we can not handle and that's where we emerged proudly as a Consultants.

Following are the areas we have been experienced as consultants so far in IT. We are sure to conquer more in Consulting space.

As consultants we are experts in following areas and more to conquer...

  • Architecture and design of software systems
  • Engineering Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Finance and Trading
  • Audio & Video streaming and Communications
  • Network protocols and communications
  • Windows Applications
  • Windows Servers, IIS and Linux servers
  • Windows Services and Web services
  • Embedded Applications
  • Digital and Sales Force applications
  • Software Integrations and API integrations
  • Noise, Vibration and Frequency Domains
  • Windows Mobile, iOS and Android applications.
  • Web domain, Web Sites design and development, Web system and web site maintenance.
  • Content Management Systems (Joomla, Drupal and WordPress).
  • Application Maintenance, Redesign and Optimizations